The Crossroads Project: Rising Tide

At the dawn of the 21st century...

humanity has arrived at an extraordinary Crossroads—a time and place where scientific ability to identify unprecedented risk, decades in advance, intersects society’s seeming inability to respond. Little of humanity’s course, as currently imagined, is sustainable—not our energy, not our economy, not our environment. But we are possessed of the knowledge we need, and a tide is rising.  

The Crossroads Project is an artistic and scientific response to this reality. 

The Fry Street Quartet joins with physicist and educator Dr. Robert Davies in an evocative performance combining music, information, imagery—and a dash of theater — merging intellectual with visceral, taking us from understanding to action.  This performance features a new string quartet, Rising Tide, by composer Laura Kaminsky, along with original works by painter Rebecca Allan, internationally recognized environmental photographer Garth Lenz, and Utah sculptor Lyman Whitaker

Weaving together a chorus of artistic and scientific voices responding to one of society’s greatest challenges, The Crossroads Project is a deep-seated contemplation of the choices before us, the paths they forge, and the dramatically different landscapes to which they lead.


The Crossroads Project: Emergence

In response to The Crossroads Project: Rising Tide, the FSQ and Dr. Davies continue the conversation in a new performance piece entitled Emergence.  In this new chapter, Dr. Davies takes us on journey to explore beyond what's at stake into what could be, and what's already underway to inspire transformation.  A new work for string quartet by composer Libby Larsen anchors this performance piece.

Now in its third season, The Crossroads Project: Rising Tide performance will be presented at the University of North Carolina Asheville at the Ecomusicologies conference.  Libby Larsen's new work for the FSQ and The Crossroads Project: Emergence will be premiered on February 12, 2015.

For more information about The Crossroads Project, click here.


As One

A Chamber Opera for mezzo soprano, baritone, string quartet, and film

American Opera Projects
Music and Concept by Laura Kaminsky
Libretto by Mark Campbell and Kimberly Reed
Directed by Ken Cazan
Music Direction by Steven Osgood

As One is a new chamber opera—created by composer Laura Kaminsky, librettist Mark Campbell, and librettist/filmmaker Kimberly Reed—that relates the experiences and inner life of a transgender person moving toward self-realization.

Mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke and baritone Kelly Markgraf share the role of the protagonist in this intimate and thrilling new work, featuring powerful music performed by the Fry Street Quartet.  As One will be performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and at the Performance Hall on the Utah State University campus.   The UT performance is funded with grant support from the Tanner Foundation.

Film by Kimberly Reed
Set and Lighting Design by David Jacques
Costume Design by Sara Jean Tosetti


Enchanted Modernities

Theosophy and the Arts

The Fry Street Quartet performs a program that explores the connections between music and Theosophy as part of the Leverhulme-funded network Enchanted Modernities: Theosophy and the Arts, 1875-1960. This will include rarely heard works from the twentieth-century British composers Cyril Scott and John Foulds. Scott found inspiration in the writings of Theosophical Society founder Helena Blavatsky, and Foulds worked for a time on behalf of the Society as director of music at the London headquarters. The concert will close with the music of Beethoven, a favourite musical topic in Theosophical journals and one of the composers often celebrated by Theosophists.


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